Blood Lad Releases Themes/Widgets for Android Users!Edit

Blood Lad finished releasing a series of customizations for android phones (not tablets). What's great is that it was not released to exclusively Japan, so other countries like the US may download it! It included:Edit

Blood Lad Widget Pack: A free widget pack including customizable Blood Lad clock, battery, search bar, and more widgets.

Blood Lad Theme: Using japanese launcher My Launcher*, a $3 theme that is fully customizable, with Blood Lad icons and skins.

Blood Lad Live Wallpaper: A $2 live wallpaper that allows you to choose one of many pictures, along with one of many colored backgrounds. (Contrary to many "live" wallpapers, there is no moving component, other than the customization and when you tap the screen, a little Beru comes up to let you change the settings!)

*My Launcher is Japanese, so some (but not many) options and settings are written in Japanese. (However, it is not hard to understand what they say, because they have small icons with their function)

My own phone's customizations as example:

  • Showing a few of the widgets, and home buttons on theme.
  • Showing the pop up main menu. One of the parts in Japanese.
  • The donut menu, also in Japanese.
  • The main menu, with customizable app covers.

After using these all, I'd say they're all great! The only complaint I have is that I believe the live wallpaper is a bit overpriced for such few features (just my opinion). Additionally, the live wallpaper's pop-up Beru feature happens EVERY time you click the screen, so if you click an app it will still appear and you may be sent to the options. They also require no special permissions, so those of you who like their privacy, there you go! 

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