On Blood Lad's official website, there is a written interview placed on the "special" page.

The original interview can be read here

Underneath is a rough translation, done by multiple translation websites with my minor edits. ( My intepretations could be wrong in some cases, but I dont think theres too much meaning to get wrong.)


-? "What were your first thoughts when you heard about the animation of Blood Lad?" [Yuuki Kodama] It was sometime around 2011 when I first heard about it, and I just thought "For real?" But it didn't feel real until I saw the art for it.- "Shigeyuki Miya  is the director, what was your original impression of this?"[Director Miya]  Although there is a story of Makai ", a metaphor for youth boys and girls lot is jammed, 

I'm did not think was I think it will be interesting to the video. yourself and do never (laughs) "

- I think one of the attractions of " Blood Lad "is that the characters are unique, what do you think makes them distincitve?" [Yuuki Kodama]  "I think any character that has the motivation to give. And the weakness. They have to have a weakness, and you have to see the development of the characters I think. Balance is the key." - Concerning the Blood Lad anime, what will it emphasie on, or what story will it tell?"[Director Miya]  We would like to reproduce the world of Yuuki Kodama in a fun and original way."and ban information · ED theme song theme song information OP here, opening theme sung by May'n "the ViViD" 

90 seconds using the 

preceding special PV to screening.

- "Thoughts that you have seen the PV prior was lifting the ban today How are you?"[Yuuki Kodama]  (laughs) I watched it about 20 times in a row and then went home "in much the day before yesterday. But also to remember the lyrics by May'n! and what I drew myself, like new, such as the video becomes nostalgic, it is a strange sensation "[Director] Miya  said so to Mr. Kodama " The guests, common perception that (laughs) Yuuki has me very deeply involved saved me, I'm also booming field. called "making this stuff now" in relation to the progress that can have "- "Now that it's the end of the interview, would you like to say anything to your fans?"[Director] Miya  ! under construction so earnestly, "Please look forward to everyone

"We've put so much hard work into this production. Please look forward to it everyone!" [Yuuki Kodama] 

"I'm really looking forward to it, just like you. I'll enjoy it with everyone together"

In addition, after the talk show rushes into signings Kodama teacher.  Close to each fan 100 people were collected blood was politely asked to sign. Memorial talk show into "Blood Rudd" anime was announced and lots of valuable new information on backstory.Towards aired in July, "blood" expectations are also growing fast!

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