Race Demon
Gender Male
Location Eastern Demon World
Abilities Third Eye
Weapons Magic
Occupation Co-Owner of The Third Eye
Status Active
Partner(s) Saty
Family Brother: Mametarou
Debut: Manga Ch. 1
Debut: Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor Japanese: Chiwa Saitou

English: Cristina Valenzuela

Mamejirou is the owner of The Third Eye along with his partner, Saty.


Mamejirou resembles a small weasel/squirrel with white and black fur, and a third eye on his forehead.


Mamejirou is shown to be talkative and snarky, the opposite of Saty. However, Mamejirou cleary cares a lot for Fuyumi, especially in her quest to keep from disappearing. Mamejiirou is often the blunt character, many times pointing out the others' strange behavior.


Mamejirou is an outgoing, fun demon. He works as Saty's interpreter, since she herself cannot speak. He has one older brother, named Mametarou.


Like his partner, Mame has the "third-eye" ability, which allows him to see into a person's soul to determine whether they are okay to leave the demon world or not.

Known FamilyEdit

Brother: Mametarou

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