Maryoku is the term for the Blood Lad universe equivalent of Ki, Chi, or Spirit Energy. It is essentially both the quantifiable magical essence contained within any given demon, as well as the manifestation of that energy in various external ways to perform superhuman (superdemon?) feats, abilities, transformations, and etc. As a general rule, all demons have maryoku, and all demons are able to use it to some degree. Some demons have a much greater amount than others, such as Staz, Wolf, and Heads Hydra, while others, such as Fuyumi, may have next to no maryoku available at any given time. Maryoku can be shared broadly between demons, through presumably different mediums. One such way involves vampires ability to steal, drink in, or absorb anothers maryoku, as evidenced when Staz sucked in the Jhiang-she and Ronin vampire hunters maryoku during their initial encounter.

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