Mimic anime
Race Demon
Gender Male
Location Eastern Demon World
Abilities Shapeshift
Weapons Magic
Occupation Eastern District Enforcer
Status Alive
Partner(s) Deku
Debut: Manga Ch. 1
Debut: Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor Japanese: Kazutomi Yamamoto

English: Max Mittelman

Mimic Yoshida is a rookie Eastern District enforcer and a member of Staz's gang. He fills in as Staz's double when he is away.


Mimic's natural body has a black, featureless face with pale white eyes. He regularly wears a pale-green hoodie with simple jeans, since his shapeshifting does not extend to a person's clothing.


Yoshida is a rookie demon, and therefore often becomes nervous in certain situations. However, he looks up to Staz for his powerful nature and abilities, which led to him joining Staz' gang. Even though his mimicry is nearly perfect, he has trouble staying in a person's role personality-wise, and tends to allow his own personality to slip out.


Yoshida, from the beginning, has always been a huge fan of Staz. Because of this, he often uses his shapeshifting ability to take on the form of Staz, as he states that he always likes to mimic those he looks up to. Staz, realizing the potential in this ability, uses Yoshida as his "replacement" in the Demon World as Staz and the others partake in their quest.


Yoshida has the ability to replicate anyone's appearance, usually someone he admires. He can also replicate giant creatures, like a T-Rex.


Known FamilyEdit

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