Today Blood Lad released some more merchandise! Partnering with the Brain Police Online Shop, fans can now purchase pillows, towels, cellphone straps!

1.) Towels and Pillows!Edit


Picture includes: MofuMofu Large Towel , MofuMofu Large Serape, MofuMofu Minitowels 1 and 2 , Muffler Towels (the longest ones) for Staz , Fuyumi , Wolf , andBell

2.) Cell Phone Straps!Edit


Picture Includes: All PuniPuni straps ! For all 4 characters shown here.

3.) Folding Fan Straps!Edit


Picture Includes: All Folding Fan Straps ! For all 4 characters shown here.

All prices can be found at the links for each product!

A nice yen to dollars converter is here

Blood Lad Official Website Article

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