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New Character Designs Released on Blood Lad Website!Edit

As of July 1st, we now have the character designs/bios of Goyle, Knell, and Beros! Along with this, we also recieved the seiyuus (voice actors) for each.

Goyle: Kishio Daisuke

Knell: Yuuki Kaji

Beros: Masumi Asano

Tumblr mp90dvlkiN1rsulrqo1 1280

Seiyuu: Yuuki Kaji

Tumblr mp90dvlkiN1rsulrqo2 1280

Seiyuu: Masumi Asano

Tumblr mp90dvlkiN1rsulrqo3 1280

Seiyuu: Kishio Daisuke

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